Springbok jumping over savanna in Etosha National Park, Namibia

About Springbok - "Agile, Flexible and Rapid"

Despite our South African sounding name, Springbok Enterprise Solutions Ltd is a UK based company that has been trading and financially stable since 2006.

The animal reference originates historically from the heritage of the original founders and completely reflects on how they deliver their innovative ERP solutions to their valued clients.

The core management team comprises of Umesh Pankhania and Craig Crowhurst who are both well respected within the JD Edwards marketplace with a combined 50+ years working in the ERP & IT marketplace, lead a large pool of industry experts and project managers with a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise.

Specializing in Oracle ERP - JD Edwards and DSI® Warehouse & Supply Chain Solutions for the digital economy - Springbok assists large, multinational companies and ambitious SMBs to implement and optimize their Enterprise Resource Planning systems across EMEA.

ERP Solutions Director

Umesh Pankhania

  • Since 1995 has been working with Sales & Consulting capacity.
  • Started working within the JDE install base Business Development for various Business Partners 2006
  • Good understanding of the JDE software, implementation methodologies and business processes
  • Project managed many World/EnterpriseOneupgrades/implementation projects
  • Good executive level relationships with JDE customers
  • Well connected to a large pool of top tier experts JDE consultants
  • Well respected with the JDE marketplace
Senior Account Director
JDE/DSI Development Manager
DSI Practice Manager
Infrastructure & Middleware Manager