JDE/DSI Client Using Remote JDE & DSI Development Services

It is not only the cost saving we’ve made but there are several other benefits of working with the Springbok team. We like the flexibility of the prepaid model where we can stop and start the JDE development as and when needed according to different stages of the project. We admire the attitude of Springbok JDE Development Team who takes time to better understand the requirement by asking questions, challenging our answers and giving their suggestions to refine requirements further.

 After that, the approach and skill of the development team to design the solution in conjunction and in agreement with our Application consultants without missing out the small details whilst still delivering within the agreed time, is something very important for us. When the developer finishes their development work, we don't have to go back to them for any missing elements. In fact, we go back to them with new ideas which we get while talking to them to improve the solution which we treat as a “Change Request.”

I am happy with the Springbok’s JDE Development Services and in particular their lead consultant Umesh, who I rate one of the best developers I have ever worked with in 20 years of my career in IT